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This article expounds the nuances and core values of Oriental Civilization. This article will also examine closely the problems and effects of Western Civilization amidst development. From these following aspects, we begin our discussion: In our eyes, what is Oriental Civilization? What are the values of Oriental Civilization? What is the direction and development of Oriental Civilization? This article points out the clear contrast between Western Civilization’s values and “Oriental Values” of tolerance, spiritual values, peace, and stability. The values of Oriental Civilization are necessary for the development of humanity; not just so that Oriental Civilization may change its stature among the central Civilizations of the World, but more so that it may provide another more practical solution to the many global problems of survival and development that Western Civilization has failed to solve. Similarly, only through Oriental Civilizations’ active participation and exchange in building a World Civilization can we vigorously present our own values, demonstrate our uses, and really carry forward our Civilization before the world.


Oriental Civilization, Values, Harmony, Peace

 Liu Ji’nan
Chủ tịch danh dự , Đại học Viễn Thông Trung Quốc - Trang Tin tức Sự kiện
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