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Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) has been known for her traditions and prestige in high quality education and training of talents. Every year, VNU produces more than 5,000 bachelors, including 10% of gifted students at international standards, 2,400 masters and 200 doctors graduating from 108 university programs, 121 master programs and 112 doctor programs in natural sciences, technology, economics, social sciences and humanities, education and foreign studies, etc.
Besides moral, knowledge and skill requirements, excellent students graduated from international-standard faculties of VNU must have acquired Level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference CEFR) of English proficiency (or 5.5 IELTS equivalence) while other students must have acquired Level B1 (4.0 IELTS equivalence) and have earned certificates of 5 basic soft skills.
VNU training quality reaches the highest in Vietnam, especially the special programs for gifted students which are recognized as South East Asia standard by Paris University, Paris Sud University, Illinois University, Tokyo University … and ranked 20 out of 94 in International Math Olympiad for university students in 2010.
Graduate enrollment equals 25% of the total students in formal programs while undergraduate enrollment remains stable and non-formal programs decreases by 20% p.a.
Apart from traditional majors, VNU is also the first to build up new departments of interdisciplinary nature like Environmental Sciences, Math-Information Technology, Natural Resources Management, Chemico-Pharmacy, Materials and Nano Devices, Climate Change, Vietnamese Studies, Anthropology, etc. to enable students to earn double degrees, dual degrees or major-minor degrees at the same time.
Nurturing talents while still young, VNU has long delivered High School special programs for gifted students in natural sciences and foreign languages, and every year 800 such students complete their High School learning and proceed to special, international-standard undergraduate programs at the University. These High School students have achieved 41 gold medals, 72 silver medals and 76 bronze medals in international Olympiads. Many leading scientists were trained in this university such as Professor Ngo Bao Chau (Fields award for Mathematics in 2010), Professor Dam Thanh Son (Washington University).
VNU is the pioneer to work with well-known foreign universities for master programs in public policies, management of science and technology, social management under the Project 165 “Overseas Training for Leaders and Managers using State Budget” chaired by the VCP Central Committee for Organization. VNU is the champion to develop and apply the set of standards for education quality accreditation according to national, regional and international standards; complete the internal regulations for university and graduate training.
VNU actively delivers training programs for staff of ministries and sectors such as Education, Foreign Affairs, Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development as well as for other provinces in public policies, information technology, quality accreditation, law, natural resources protection and sustainable development, development of resources for mountainous areas; trains lecturers and teachers with political theories and teaching methodology in order to improve the quality of teaching, learning and management capacity for its staff members.
Graduates from VNU are assuming important positions in state management agencies, socio-political organizations, and local authorities. They have made significant contributions to the success of these institutions as well as recorded great academic achievements in various research institutes. They are also increasingly employed and highly sought after by domestic and foreign businesses.
In its process of development, VNU has step by step confirmed its position in training high quality human resources according to international standards so as to meet the demands of socio-economic development of the country and educate more and more talents for the nation.

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