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Ho Chi Minh Awards

Name of Award Winner
Name of Project
Prof. Dao Duy Anh (Social Science)
History and Culture of Vietnam
Prof. Nguyen Tai Can (Social Science)
Grammar & History of Vietnamese Language
Prof. Dr.Sc. Nguyen Van Dao (Natural Science)
Nonlinear Oscillations of Dynamic Systems
Prof. Tran Van Giau (Social Science)
History of Vietnam (5 series, 18 volumes)
Prof. Nguyen Van Hieu (Natural Science)
Research on Primary Particles
Prof. Cao Xuan Huy (Social Science)
Research on Oriental Ideology
Prof. Dinh Gia Khanh (Social Science)
Folk Literature and Folk Culture of Vietnam (4 works) (1972, 1989, 1993, 1995)
Prof. Dang Thai Mai (Social Science)
Study on World Literature and Vietnamese
Prof. Ha Van Tan (Social Science)
Tracing Ancient Cultures
Prof. Tran Duc Thao (Social Science)
Finding the Source of Language & Consciousness
Prof. Le Van Thiem (Natural Science)
Ensembles of Basic Studies on Theoretical Mathematics & Applicable Mathematics Problems
Prof. Dao Van Tien (Natural Science)
A Collection of Baseline Investigations of Zoology in Vietnam (1957-1980)
Prof. Hoang Tuy (Natural Science)
Field Projects of Optimization: “Global Optimization Analysis” and “D.CPlan and Application” (1960s)
Prof. Tran Quoc Vuong (Social Science)
A research cluster on “Vietnamese culture - tradition and modernity”
Prof. Ha Minh Duc (Social Science)
A research cluster on “Ho Chi Minh’s career of literature and journalism; some theoretical and practical points of Vietnamese culture and art.

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