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10 years of ISEF program
On December 12, 2010, Center for Asian Studies, VNU has solemnly held a ceremony to celebrate 10 years of the international scholars exchange program (ISEF).

Attending the ceremony are Prof.Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan - President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU); Dr. Kim Jae-Youl - Chairman of the Graduate Education Foundation, Korea (KFAS), the functional heads, leaders of schools/ institutions directly under VNU; KFAS Representatives and Vietnam nearly 40 scholars participating in the ISEF program.


"The ideal for ISEF program over the past decade has not been changed. I do hope that scholars will become the leaders in spreading the culture and ideology in the East. In 10 years, in Vietnam there are 40 scholars and in Asia there are more than 500 scholars participating in the program. More than 500 scholars, such as people in the same family, are co-academic ", said Dr. Kim Jae-Youl, President of KFAS in his welcoming speech at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan, VNU’s President has confirmed the success of the Center for Asian Studies, as well as the positive contribution of ISEF program for academic development in Asia 10 years.

ISEF is a scholarship program for outstanding young scholars of Asian to conduct postdoctoral research at universities and leading research institutes in Korea. The program aims to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in international academic areas to promote mutual understanding and the development of science among scholars from different cultures. KFAS program has been implemented since 2000. The center for Asian Studies, VNU is honored to be selected as the first unit in the network of Central for Asian Studies Supports that contributes to the implementation of this program.

After 10 years, Center for Asian Studies has nominated 40 outstanding scholars in and outside VNU to attend the program. After a year of study in Korea, Vietnam scholars come back to their country and dedicate to the education and science in Vietnam. The results of their research are published in the prestigious scientific journals around the world and are used in many different fields, contributing to the development of high quality scientific research in Vietnam.

After 10 years of implementation, the program has actually confirmed its reputation and ARC has always been with the scholars in the development of science and technology.

The celebration has left good impressions in the hearts of scholars and helped strengthen links between the wire scholars, which allows associations ISEF scholars increasingly sustainable.


"We can say, seeds of the Graduate Education Foundation from Korea 10 years ago for cooperation in research and teaching has been flourish and bloom in Vietnam .... Many of us have advanced and succeeded after doing research under the International Scholars Program of the Fund. That, of course, first of all, is due to the efforts of each person, but can not forget the role of times we are invited to Korea to study. We have accessed to the latest technical documentation, we've been working with professors, the best experts in Korea, we have had a chance to get acquainted with scholars from many different countries, has established a network to work together. The International Scholars Program has actually opened doors for us with the scientific community to the Korean community in particular and science in general international. "

Prof. Nguyen Van Hiep, Faculty of Languages, School USSH, VNU (ISEF scholars Representative 2003-2004)

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