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Discussing cooperation activities with San Diego State University (SDSU), USA
In the morning of June 29, 2012, Prof.Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan – VNU President had a meeting with Mr. Akshay Pottathil – Co-Director of SDSU Visualization Center and Center for Information Technology and Infrastructure.

At the meeting, the two sides discussed the detailed cooperation activities with special focus on staff-student exchange. The two universities agreed to put priority on human resources development to not only contribute to the development of the two sides but also help promote the closer partnership.
Mr. Akshay Pottathil stated that SDSU would invite some professors and experts to give lectures as well as organize workshops on scientific and technological issues at VNU and that SDSU would create the best conditions for staff-student exchange activities with VNU.
Prof.Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan hoped for further cooperation in other fields including technology transfer, IT network, ect. VNU would select the best and most suitable staff and students for the agreed collaborative activities between the two parties as well as provide the most favourable conditions for SDSU staff and students working and studying at VNU.

 Sinh Vu - VNU Media
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