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Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc: VNU VJU must be a convergence of science advances and international education
On May 15, 2017, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc visited and had a working session with Vietnam-Japan University (VJU), the 7th member university of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU).

VNU President Nguyễn Kim Sơn attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Reporting to the Prime Minister on VNU VJU’s current operations, VJU Rector Furuta Motoo referred to its distinctive features and development plan up to 2035. He stated that there were a number of advantages to VJU’s development: support from Vietnam Government and Japan Government; professional participation and support from VNU and Japan leading universities in designing and implementing high quality training programs; financial support from the Japanese Government for the 2016 – 2021 period.

VJU Rector petitioned the Prime Minister to soon promulgate Special financial regulations for VJU; to promote the building of VJU’s Hòa Lạc campus and facilitate Japan’s ODA loans with special favour for its construction; and assist the university in developing its model based on the philosophy of enlightenment education and sustainable development.

Speaking at the meeting, VNU President Nguyễn Kim Sơn sent his sincere thanks to the Prime Minister for his support and said that VNU had always been aware of the importance and the special meaning of VNU VJU Project. Therefore, VNU has mobilized all its resources for VJU setting up and putting it into operation.

VNU President affirmed that being a member of VNU, VJU was advantaged in that it could inherit the tradition, resources and experience from the leading research university in Vietnam. The President also emphasized that VNU would further support and create the best conditions for VJU development to contribute to the development of VNU as well as the national education.

On behalf of the Government, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc highly appreciated the efforts by VNU VJU’s leaders, scientists, staff and students, and those by VNU as well as the support from both Vietnam and Japan organizations in building and operating VJU.

The Prime Minister stated that internationally recognized, VNU was one of the leading training and research institutions in Vietnam; and VNU VJU, aiming at becoming an institution of regional and international standards, a convergence of science advances, international education as well as the two countries’ strengths and values, was a symbol of friendship and strategic cooperation between Vietnam and Japan.

Expressing his interest in VNU VJU’s development, the Prime Minister proposed the University to focus not only on its academics but also on nurturing culture, discipline spirit among the youth for comprehensively developing their skills, behaviours and research ability. Especially, the university must maintain a close link with the business; and its training programs content must be based on Japan’s strengths, Vietnam’s needs and international updated standards.

The Prime Minister requested the university to perform the following upcoming tasks:

Firstly, VNU VJU should finalize its development model, closely link itself with the other member universities of VNU, perfect its management system; design flexible, creative and effective training programs to meet Vietnam’s demand and the world quality.

Secondly, the university should focus on developing highly-qualified scientists and management staff with advanced thinking and university governance skills.

Thirdly, the university’s training and research activities should meet the employer’s needs and be custom-tailored.

Also at the meeting, sending their deep thanks to the Prime Minister, Special Advisor to the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance Takebe Tsutomu and Japan Ambassador to Vietnam Umeda Kunio expected VNU VJU to become an excellent research university capable of training high quality human resources to contribute to the development of Vietnam and Japan. They also promised to further their support for the development of VJU in the coming times.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc visited some of the VNU VJU’s classes.



 Sinh Vu – Bui Tuan (photos) - VNU Media
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