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A workshop on innovative entrepreneurship with professors from University College Dublin (Ireland)
On July 28, 2017, VNU Youth Union organized a workshop on innovative entrepreneurship.

The workshop’s two presenters were Prof. Suzi Jarvis– Director of Innovation Academy, University College Dublin and her colleague Dr. Colman Farrell.

Attending the workshop were students, postgraduates, young staff from VNU; and representatives from several Hanoi-based organizations, such as Hanoi Youth Union, the Vietnamese Student Development and Support Centre.

The workshop aims to provide knowledge, share experiences in boosting entrepreneurial spirit from experienced Ireland presenters with practical meaning to create the foundation for activities to support innovative start-ups among VNU students and young staff.

Through various workshop activities, the speakers introduced entrepreneurial thinking and shared experience in promoting entrepreneurship (the first important step in promoting entrepreneurship industry); provided basic knowledge about innovative entrepreneurship and the role of universities in innovation; introduced some creative problem-solving skills such as design thinking through challenging team-based design...


 Sinh Vũ– Quoc Toan (photos) - VNU Media
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