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Intensive cooperation with Aix Marseille University, France
On January 15, 2018, VNU President Nguyễn Kim Sơn welcomed and had a working session with Aix Marseille University (France) delegation led by Vice President for International Relations Sylvie Daviet.

Speaking at the meeting, referring to the tradition of VNU with its predecessor, the University of Indochina, together with VNU’s prominent partnerships with French partners, VNU President Nguyễn Kim Sơn affirmed that VNU wished to establish comprehensive and long-term partnership with French partners, including Aix Marseille University. Determined to implement the coordinated activities principally agreed on by the parties through the agreement signed in July 2017; VNU, Aix Marseille University, the Institute of R&D and the National Overseas Archives (France) were to implement cooperative activities in research, scientific personnel training support, professional development for archivists for the implementing of VNU-based Research Centre for Vietnamese Studies Project.

Aix Marseille University Vice President for International Relations Sylvie Daviet said that the university’s five priorities for research and training were: energy, environment, health, science and technology and humanity sciences. Mrs. Sylvie Daviet agreed to strengthen cooperation between VNU and Aix Marseille University in training, research and exchange of staff and students on the basis of the signed cooperation agreement. She believed that cooperation with VNU would play an important role in promoting educational cooperation between the two countries.


 Sinh Vu, Ngoc Tung (photos) - VNU Media
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