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VNU and KFAS: Hanoi Forum 2018 signing ceremony and preparatory meeting
On July 2, 2018, VNU President Nguyễn Kim Sơn and KFAS President Park In-Kook signed the agreement on implementing Hanoi Forum 2018, an international academic conference entitled “Towards Sustainable Development – Climate Change Response for Sustainability and Security”.

The world is changing dramatically in many areas in which the problems faced by people are no longer limited to a single nation, but of a global nature, such as: climate change, terrorism, poverty, migration, etc. Initiated by VNU, Hanoi Forum 2018 is an international academic conference that encourages the realization of sustainable development through scientific research, technology and international academic exchange. In addition, the Forum will also discuss practical socio-economic issues in Vietnam to provide the central government, ministries, industry sectors and local governments with relevant policy consultation. Hanoi Forum 2018 is to be held from November 8 to November 10.

Hanoi Forum 2018 comprises 5 panel sessions including: Climate change evidence and security; Human impacts on climate change; Climate change response; Policy and governance of climate change response and sustainability; Science, technology and education for climate change response and sustainability. In addition, the Forum will also hold two policy dialogues on the natural resources management in the Mekong Delta and urbanization; construction and development of the Red River Delta.

According to VNU President, Hanoi Forum 2018, entitled “Towards Sustainable Development – Climate Change Response for Sustainability and Security”, aims to bring together scientists, leading researchers, policy makers and international organizations from around the world to communicate their findings on climate change responses and sustainability, economic growth, natural conservation, prosperity and equality of people. “The forum demonstrates the active interest of VNU and KFAS in efforts to address global issues and also issues that directly affect the economic and social life of Vietnam”, VNU President Nguyễn Kim Sơn emphasized.

Highly appreciating VNU’s careful preparation for Hanoi Forum 2018, KFAS President Park In-Kook strongly recommended leading experts on climate change from different countries in the world to come and share their research results. He believed that the Forum would be successful, improve the effectiveness of climate change response, especially, in the Asia – Pacific region, affirm the efficient cooperation between VNU and KFAS and raise the position of both institutions. KFAS President hopes that Hanoi Forum would become a global forum to cope with global challenges.

Also at the signing ceremony, the two sides updated the results of preparations for the organizing of Hanoi Forum 2018. In addition, representatives of the Forum’s professional board also had in-depth discussions with KFAS specialists.

Apart from the professors and scholars of VNU, Hanoi Forum 2018 will be attended by around 300 participants from all over the world. They are leaders, scholars, experts, scientists and politicians with years-long experience in the field of climate change.


 Sinh Vu - Ngoc Tung (Photos) - VNU Media
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