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One Asia Convention Hanoi 2018: Affirming hope for the future of an Asian community
From August 3 to August 4, 2018, VNU University of Languages and International Studies (VNU ULIS) in collaboration with the One Asia Foundation held the One Asia Convention Hanoi 2018 – Hope for the Future.

Over 600 delegates from 300 universities in Asia and around the world, including VNU, VNU ULIS, Ajou University (Korea), Tadulako University (Indonesia), Teikyo Heisei University (Japan), St. Mary’s University (USA), the University of Sheffield (UK), Changchun University of Chinese Medicine (China), Bishkek Humanities University (Kyrgyzstan), Build Bright University (Cambodia), University of Rome La Sapienza (Italy), among others, attended the convention.

The convention was a forum for politicians, managers and scholars to share their knowledge, ideas, experiences and best practices so as to deliver the purpose of the Foundation, the forming of an Asian community in the near future. The convention covered a variety of topics, such as the establishment of an Asian community, Politics, Economics, Environment, Social Issues, History, Education, Thought, Philosophy, Religion, Culture, Arts, Media and other related issues. Speakers were world-renown politicians and scholars, including Nobel prize winners with bold vision and profound knowledge of similarities among the countries in the region – A critical foundation for the establishment of an Asian community, as well as peculiarities of each nation, which could benefit the expected Asian Community in the near future. The topics covered in the convention also helped identify strategic orientations and specific measures which would be cooperatively implemented by the countries in the region, as well as the issues to be addressed so as to make significant contributions to the establishment of an Asian community.

Speaking at the Opening ceremony, VNU ULIS Rector Đỗ Tuấn Minh said that the One Asia Convention Hanoi 2018 represented a positive hope for the future of an Asian Community – a close-knit community linked to common cultural, social interests as well as peculiarities of each nation on the continent.

Mr. Yoji SATO - President of the One Asia Foundation affirmed that the participating lecturers in the convention were optimistic about the future. He also sent his sincere thanks to VNU ULIS for its cooperation and efforts which would surely be an unforgettable point in the history of the Foundation.

At the conference, former US Vice President Al Gore presented a report entitled "Climate Crisis and Solutions" in which he focused on three questions: "Do we have to change? Can we change? and Do we change?" He shared the current climate situation with many concerned issues. He also suggested some solutions including using renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc.); using cell phones to get rid of fixed-line telephone infrastructure; using electric vehicles; new technology battery; shutting down coal plants; implementing related international commitments…

One Asia Convention Hanoi 2018 – Hope for the Future is the 8th One Asia Conference held and is considered to have attracted the most attention.

 Sinh Vu - VNU Media
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