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Expanding cooperation between VNU and Far Eastern Federal University
On August 9, 2018, VNU President Nguyễn Kim Sơn had a meeting and working session with the delegation from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), the Russian Federation, led by Vice President for International Relations Panova Victoria Vladimirovna.

VNU and FEFU have cooperated since 2012, namely in training Vietnamese language and culture and Russian language and culture, between VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU University of Foreign Languages and International Studies with FEFU.

At the meeting, VNU President Nguyễn Kim Sơn proposed cooperation between the two sides in other fields such as technology, natural sciences and life sciences in the coming time in order to make the best use of their potentials and strengths. He suggested that VNU and FEFU further discuss the cooperation details in training, scientific research and staff/lecturer/student exchanges towards the signing of a bilateral agreement.

Expressing his honour to receive FEFU’s honorary doctorate and to attend the APEC International Conference on Education in September, VNU President said that he would deliver a speech at the conference.

FEFU Vice President Panova Victoria Vladimirovna expected the two universities to cooperate more extensively in various areas on the basis of the existing cooperation. Agreeing with the proposal to increase cooperation in training and research, she hoped that VNU and FEFU would also cooperate in exchanging students through programs and projects with the participation of enterprises.

 Sinh Vu - VNU Media
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