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Connections between research universities and development enterprises - leverage for sustainable development
“Education in the Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities for APEC” was the theme of the Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education held within the Fourth Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) at the Far Eastern Federal University from September 11 to September 13, 2018.

The Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education 2018 (CCHE APEC-2018) attracted the participation of about 100 participants, including Russian ministry leaders and university leaders from the Asia Pacific region.

Speaking at the plenary session, VNU President Nguyễn Kim Sơn believed that, being held within the Fourth Eastern Economic Forum 2018, the 7th APEC Conference illustrated the close relationship between economic development and cooperation and the training of high quality human resources.

Referring to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, VNU President said that the achievement of this revolution not only contributed to fostering economic development in a new paradigm - the digital economy, but also brought the benefit of competition for small and medium sized countries that had a definite investment in education, especially in higher education. Therefore, a nation’s successful investment is said to be the investment in human development, which combines academic research and practical application based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

President Nguyễn Kim Sơn believed that CCHE APEC-2018 was a good opportunity for APEC universities to share their views and ways of innovation in order to train global citizens in the digital age. In addition to economic, political and trade cooperation, cooperation in higher education and in high-level scientific research would help to perfect policies as well as develop the overall economy and society of each country and the APEC region as a whole.

The CCHE APEC-2018 consisted of 3 professional sessions and 1 special session covering the following topics: University-based science and technology park clusters; 21st century skills and STEM education in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; University in a multi-stakeholder architecture; Special session: APEC Report on Education and Economic Development.

The CCHE APEC-2018 results will be included in the report on higher education and economic development to APEC senior officials.

 Sinh Vu – Tuan Anh - VNU Media
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