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Academic year 2018-2019 Pony Chung scholarship awarded to 30 VNU’s students
Over the past 10 years, $150,000, equivalent to nearly 3.3 billion VND, has been offered by Pony Chung Scholarship Foundation to 300 VNU’s outstanding students. In the 11th year of this event, 30 more VNU’s students with excellent academic and research achievements were honorably awarded scholarships from the Foundation.

Speaking at the scholarship award ceremony, VNU Vice President Nguyen Hong Son highly appreciated the humanity of the Pony Chung Vietnam Scholarship Program, which was a reward, a timely encouragement as well as support to VNU’s students. VNU Vice President hoped that the students who received the scholarships would be the bridge for exchange and cooperation not only between VNU and Pony Chung Foundation, but also between Korean and Vietnamese universities.

Pony Chung Foundation’s Board Chairman Kim Chul Su expected VNU undergraduate and graduate students to continue their strive for academic and research achievements.

Luc Kieu Trang, a student from the Faculty of Korean Language and Culture, VNU University of Languages and International Studies sent her thanks to Pony Chung Foundation. She compared the Pony Chung scholarship to a big paddle to help students reach the ocean, motivating them to believe in themselves and work harder to achieve their dreams.

 Sinh Vu - VNU Media
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