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The launching ceremony of the FEFU’s representative office based at VNU
On December 10, 2018, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) held the launching ceremony of the Far Eastern Federal University’s (FEFU) representative office based at VNU University of Languages and International Studies.

VNU President Nguyen Kim Son, FEFU President Nikita Anisimov and VNU ULIS Rector Do Tuan Minh cut the ribbon to inaugurate FEFU’s representative office.

During his visit to Russia last September, attending the FEFU’s Science and Training Council open meeting, VNU President Nguyen Kim Son was conferred FEFU’s Honorary Doctor Degree for his contributions to East Asian Studies and Educational cooperation development. VNU and FEFU also signed an extension of the bilateral cooperation agreement. Among various cooperation suggestions, the two universities agreed to open FEFU’s representative office based at VNU University of Languages and International Studies and VNU’s representative office based at FEFU.

The opening of FEFU’s representative office at VNU is the basis for the expansion and implementation of cooperation between the two universities, primarily focusing on such activities as internships, dissemination of culture, students exchange, etc.

Reviewing the cooperation between Vietnam and the Russian Federation in general and between VNU and its Russian partners in particular, VNU President Nguyen Kim Son believed that the establishment of representative offices would contribute to deepening the traditional friendship between the two nations.

VNU President expected that the newly-opened representative office would bring the two universities closer to each other and turn their cooperative potential into reality. He said that priority areas of cooperation with FEFU would be lecturers/students exchange, teaching Russian language and culture, Vietnamese language and culture; construction of projects in Oceanography, selected basic sciences, technology …

Speaking at the ceremony, Russian Federation Ambassador to Vietnam Konstantin Vnukov hoped that the opening of FEFU's representative office at VNU would contribute to the promotion of student and faculty exchange as well as successful implementation of joint research activities and other projects, thus promoting the development of Vietnamese-Russian cooperation in the field of education and popularization of Russian education in Vietnam.

In his speech at the ceremony, FEFU President Nikita Anisimov congratulated VNU on the 25th anniversary of the Government's issuance of the Decree on VNU (10/12/1993 - 10/12/2018). He hoped that the opening of the FEFU’s representative office was just "the surface of the iceberg" with the prospect of much more cooperation, not limited to language and culture but also in other science research fields.

"VNU and FEFU are in a position to effectively interact in areas other than the field of language and culture research. We have planned to cooperate in the fields of natural sciences, technical and technological development. I strongly believe that hundreds of students from universities of the Russian Federation and Vietnam will have the opportunity to exchange through the cooperation of the two universities, thanks to the representative offices”, said FEFU President Nikita Anisimov.

 Sinh Vu – Ngoc Tung (photos) - VNU Media
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