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Two VNU’s academic programmes under the ASEAN University Network - Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) standard accreditation
The programme of Bachelor of Arts in English Language - Translation and Interpreting (Fast track) of VNU University of Languages and International Studies and the programme of Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering of VNU University of Engineering and Technology are the two more programmes under evaluation by AUN-QA assessors, raising the total number of VNU’s programmes assessed in 2018 to 6.

VNU Vice President Nguyen Huu Duc, AUN-QA Acting Chairperson Nantana Gajaseni and VNU Institute for Education Quality Assurance Director Nghiem Xuan Huy co-chaired the opening ceremony of 128th AUN-QA Assessment at Programme Level on December, 18, 2018.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, VNU Vice President Nguyen Huu Duc expressed his pleasure that AUN and VNU had a long-standing collaboration and contribution to the building of accreditation culture of Vietnam higher education in general and VNU in particular.

Being one of the first and the only member from Vietnam joining the AUN Board of Trustees, VNU has been actively involved in strategic building and planning AUN quality assurance policies, the sets of AUN quality standards... VNU Vice President Nguyen Huu Duc said that while actively participating in national and international accreditation activities, VNU also aimed to develop a model of advanced university governance in the world. Participation in AUN activities helps VNU obtain internationally useful experiences for achieving this goal.

AUN-QA Acting Chairperson Nantana Gajaseni highly appreciated VNU’s active and successful participation in AUN activities in recent years. Considering higher education is the key to create a high quality work force for sustainable economic development of countries, regions and the world, she believed that higher education accreditation was an inevitable requirement. She also said that AUN itself was constantly improving to become one of the leading organizations in quality accreditation.

After the opening ceremony, AUN's delegation of experts from the leading universities in Southeast Asia was divided into two specialist teams to carry out assessment and appraisal of the two named programmes. The evaluation ends on December 20, 2018.

 Sinh Vu - VNU Media
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