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VJST2019: Promoting exchanges and collaboration in science, technology between Vietnam and Japan
With broad, inter- and transdisciplinary topics within scientific, social and economic disciplines, Vietnam - Japan Science and Technology Symposium 2019 (VJST2019) was held on May 4 aiming to create a forum for promoting the exchanges and collaboration in science and technology between Vietnam and Japan, as well as building a consensus among the communities towards a sustainable future of human beings.

The first Vietnam - Japan Science and Technology Symposium (VJST2019), a scientific forum co-organized by VNU Vietnam - Japan University (VJU) and the Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ), was held in Hanoi to promote exchanges and collaboration in science and technology between Vietnam and Japan. The theme of VJST2019 was “Towards Sustainable Development”, the indisputable goal of any economy in the world to achieve strong growth going together with environmental sustainability, social equality and integration.

VJST2019 featured 9 topics including Applications of AI, ICT, IoT and Robotics in Sustainable Development; Bio-Medical Sciences and Public Healthcare; Clean-Renewable Energy and Smart-Technology for Power Networks; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Engineering and Management; Green Chemistry, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Safety; Micro/Nano Science, Material Science for Sustainable Development; Policies and Economical Strategies for Sustainable Development; and Transportation, Infrastructure Engineering.

Addressing the symposium, Prof. Furuta Motoo, Rector of VNU Vietnam – Japan University, shared: “In order to promote academic exchange activities between scientists from Vietnam, Japan and other countries, VJU, in collaboration with many domestic and international partners, has been organizing numerous open lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and symposiums. VJST2019 is an event in a series of VJU’s activities to create a dynamic and multidisciplinary platform for science and technology exchanges between Vietnam and Japan. The topics addressed at VJST2019 overlap with VJU’s eight current academic fields: Nano-technology, Infrastructure Engineering, Climate change and Adaptation, Environmental Engineering, Public Policy, Business Administration, Area Studies and Global Leadership”.

“We do believe that our scientists and students can benefit a lot from and have reasonable contributions to the symposium. We also hope that VJST2019 will create a milestone in building a forum, VJST, to connect scientists working in Vietnam and Japan for constant cooperation in education and research activities for sustainable development of human being society”, Prof. Furuta Motoo expressed.

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