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VNU and Charles University, Czech Republic signed a cooperation agreement on sustainable development
On June 24, 2019, VNU Vice President Pham Bao Son and Charles University Rector Tomas Zima signed a cooperation agreement on sustainable development. The main content of the agreement includes exchanging lecturers, research scholars and students; exchanging scientific publications and documents; co-organizing scientific conferences; conducting joint research projects in such areas as sustainable development and climate change.

Attending the signing ceremony, on the side of the Czech Republic were Mr. Vitezslav Grepl - Ambassador and Mr. Lukas Musil - Deputy Ambassador.

On VNU side, there were representatives of leadership from VNU functional departments, University of Social Sciences and Humanities and School of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Speaking at the meeting, VNU Vice President Pham Bao Son said that VNU and Charles University had a great cooperation prospect and believed that the agreement would be the basis for the two sides to implement activities to promote the strengths and advantages of the top universities in each country. He said that student exchange activities should be implemented early to provide both universities’ students with the opportunity to experience, exchange and cultivate knowledge and culture. Also, the admission to exchange students from the Czech Republic to VNU will help improve the internationalized learning environment here. VNU Vice President also proposed the two universities to discuss opportunities to implement joint research projects, co-organization of seminars and activities within the framework of the Eramus project.

Rector Tomas Zima said that the cooperation with universities in Vietnam was one of the important objectives of Charles University and the Czech Republic in general. He expressed his desire to implement cooperation in teaching and research with VNU's members in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities and Medicine. Student and staff exchanges were also an important area of ​​cooperation that was emphasized by the Rector of Charles University.

Expressing the pleasure of witnessing the signing ceremony between VNU and Charles University, the Czech Ambassador to Vietnam Vitezslav Grepl asked the two university leaders to continue their support and promotion for effective cooperation implementation. Proposing long-term cooperation forms between the Czech Republic and Vietnam in the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports - Czech Republic and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, the Ambassador wished to collaborate with VNU in implementing education projects, especially on such topics as international relations, history, economics, literature, etc.

 Sinh Vu - VNU Media
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