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Four more VNU’s training programs assessed by AUN-QA criteria
From December 10 to 12, 2019, a delegation of experts from the ASEAN University Network (AUN) conducted an AUN-QA assessment of 4 training programs from 4 VNU’s member universities.

This is the 169th AUN - QA’s Assessment at Program Level for the Bachelor of Computer and Information Science of VNU University of Science, the Bachelor of History of VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Bachelor of German Linguistics of VNU University of Languages and International Studies ​​and the Bachelor of Business Law of VNU Faculty of Law.

During the assessment, AUN’s experts visited the campus; collected information; worked with school, faculty and functional unit leaders; interviewed lecturers, alumni, employers, etc.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, VNU Vice President Nguyen Hoang Hai expressed his thanks to AUN - QA experts for working seriously throughout the AUN-QA evaluation process. VNU Vice President said that VNU and AUN had been in partnership and developed together over time. VNU has made great efforts and determination in creating a quality culture which is producing good results and is recognized by the international community.

VNU believes that the comments and recommendations from the AUN experts will be the guidance to further improve the quality of the newly accredited training programs.

Also at the meeting, the AUN assessors introduced the AUN-QA Quality Assurance Criteria such as output standards, teaching and learning approach, faculty quality, students’ evaluation, etc.

Based on these criteria, the strengths, areas for improvement and expert’s recommendations for the 4 training programs are transparent and referred to the AUN-QA Criteria.

The AUN experts also recommended that the leaders of the VNU's affiliates, faculties and departments should promote exchanges with other training institutions in Southeast Asia and in the world for more practice to modify and develop the assessed majors.

 Thuy Trang - VNU Media
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