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“Ha Giang Warm winter 2019”: A VNU’s youth social responsibility program
“Ha Giang warm winter" is the program recently held in disadvantaged communes of Dong Van district, Ha Giang province by VNU’s youth to support the local communities. Since the commencement of the program on November 19, 2019, “Warmer winter 2019" has received enthusiastic donations and contributions from VNU’s officials, staff, lecturers and students.


VNU’s Youth delegation presenting 35 gift sets to students of Pho La Boarding Ethnic Minority Primary School

Mr. Truong Ngoc Kiem, Member of the Youth Union Central Executive Committee, VNU’s Youth Union’s Secretary General talking to students in Pho La commune, Dong Van district.

The total gift value is estimated at over VND 600 million including 100 million in cash. The gifts include 60 encouragement scholarships, 6,600 notebooks, 300 Tet gift sets (for families under preferential treatment policy and disadvantaged  families), 2 rice cookers, 3 bookcases (with more than 1,000 titles, including textbooks, reference books, story books), 20 stationery boxes (including fountain pens, pencils, pen boxes, ruler sets  and chalk), 200 towels, 10 boxes of knitwear, 1 box of toys (for ethnic minority boarding schools in the area), 360 blankets, 1,015 baby coats, 2 boxes of medicine, 400 Chung cakes, 150 bottles of cooking oil, 150 cartons of milk, 200 boxes of confectionery, 200 kilos of rice, 50 cooking sets, 1 set of loudspeakers, 100 boxes of clothes and 10 boxes of shoes.

Besides, VNU Youth Union - Student Association presented one Youth’s Construction – the renovating of the water supply system in Pho La commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province to ensure sanitation as well as daily life of the local community.

Mr. Truong Ngoc Kiem, VNU’s Youth Union’s Secretary General, presenting the Youth’s Construction signboard to Mr. Dang Vu Hiep, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Committee of Pho La commune.

VNU’s Youth’s program "Warm Winter 2019" successfully came to an end. However, trips of love, social responsibility of VNU lecturers and students to ethnic minorities in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province and other disadvantaged areas across the country will be continuously implemented.

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