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VNU remains Vietnam’s top university in Webometrics Ranking of World Universities (Edition: January 2020)
On January 28, 2020, the Cybermetrics Labs (under the Spanish National Research Council) announced the results of the first Webometrics ranking in 2020.

Ranked 1132nd globally, 282nd in Asia and 20th in Southeast Asia, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) maintains its leading position among the Vietnamese higher education institutions.

Webometrics assesses the digitalization capacity and the influence of higher education institutions’ academic resources based on the indicators of the scale of website system (presence), the influence of website system and online information (impact/visibility), the openness of academic resources on Google Scholar (openness), and the higher education institutions’ scientific citation index on Scopus database system (excellence).

Ranked by criterion, VNU climbed to the 1629th and 1229th place (previously, 1635th and 1231st) by "Openness" and "Excellence", respectively; which showed that the quality of international scientific publications as well as the influence of VNU's online resources system had improved and increased significantly.

As for the two criteria of "Digital Resources" (Presence) and "Level of influence" (Visibility/ Impact), VNU ranked 436th and 1853rd globally, respectively.

Webometrics’ ranking methodology:

1. Presence (weight= 5%): Indicator of the number of online digitized resources based on Google Search data. This indicator evaluates the spectrum of website and digital resources of the higher education institution.

2. Visibility (or Impact) (weight= 50%): Index of the number of external networks linking to the university's webpages based on the data from Ahrefs and Majestic. This is the indicator of the influence of the university’s website system.

3. Openness (or Transparency) (weight= 10%): Index of citations from the institution’s 110 top scientists with Google Scholar profiles (excluding top 10 most-cited scientists). This indicator shows the academic reputation of the university.

4. Excellence (or Scholar) (weight= 35%): Index of the number of the university’s papers among the top 10% most-cited in 26 disciplines (2013-2017 period) based on Scimago data. This indicator shows the quality of the university’s top research projects.


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