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VNU’s key science & technology programs and projects

Vietnam National Gazetteers Project

In 2019, VNU implemented the identification and evaluation of 24 component tasks, developed a set of norms and collected relevant documents for the task implementation. VNU also organized the scientific workshop on Genre and approach to the compilation of the Vietnam National Gazetteers and collaborated with Ben Tre Provincial People’s Committee to organize the conference on the role of the Vietnam National Gazetteers to sectors and localities.

Developing the Centre for Vietnamese studies

The project is to collect all Vietnam’s Vietnamese Studies documents located both in and outside Vietnam; to digitalize, connect, manage and exploit the data to meet the need of publicizing and retaining the documents to avoid the impact of time and other factors that might cause loss and damage to the precious documents.

VNU Massive Open Online Courses (VMOOC) Project

Applying information technology and modern education technology, this project is aimed to develop into an open university. Currently, the project is going to operate and some courses on entrepreneurship and intellectual property are scheduled to be offered first, followed by Mathematics, Informatics, Philosophy and others. These courses, formed in a start-up manner, are expected to be offered in the form of community-funded training.

Translation and Promotion of the quintessence of Oriental Classics Project

The project is expected to be implemented in 10 years in two phases: Phase 1 from March 2019 to February 2024; and Phase 2 from March 2024 to February 2029.

Phase 1 includes preparation and translation. Specifically, the Project carries out a survey of the documented classics for compiling a translation file; selects a fundamental text to translate as a key reference; develops a set of translation specifications; trains and selects key executive personnel and recruits collaborators; prepares facilities and builds database and reference library for translation activities. Thereafter, the Project conducts translation in two directions: full translation and summative translation.

Phase 2 revises, finalizes the translated and translates the rest collections of Chính tạng, Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist classics composed and annotated in Vietnam.

Project for developing clean and hi-tech agricultural products

VNU has been working with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Bruxell Waronie (the Kingdom of Belgium), the project’s sponsor, to develop a project on clean and hi-tech agricultural products. The project is expected to produce microbial pesticide product for rice that does not affect the quality of rice, soil and shrimp feeds in Vietnam.


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