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VNU LIC featured in Top 100 global institutional repositories
According to the 2020 February edition of Ranking Web of Repositories, VNU Library and Information Centre’s (VNU LIC) institutional repository has been featured in Top 100 global institutional repositories of academies, research institutes and universities.

Specifically, VNU LIC’s institutional repository ranked 96th among 2,986 global institutional repositories, climbing 78 places from the 174th place in 2019 and maintaining top position in Vietnam.

According to Dr. Nguyen Hoang Son - Director of VNU LIC, institutional digital resources are documents formed and archived digitally during science and technology activities, production, management, research and studying of agencies, organizations, research institutes, universities,... for open access. These resources include electronic dissertations, theses, results of scientific research, books, research papers, etc… of these organizations.

Institutional digital libraries participating in Webometrics Ranking are evaluated twice a year, usually in January and July, by the CSIC (the Spanish National Research Council) based in Spain.

Over the past 2 years, CSIC has based on Google Scholar indexed documents to rank institutional digital libraries. The larger the number of an institutional digital library’s documents indexed in Google Scholar, the higher the ranking of that digital library is.

The above-named ranking will help VNU LIC strongly promote global digital communication on VNU's research results and international publications to enhance VNU’s academic influence, h-index and i10-index through scientific citations. In particular, VNU LIC’s repository also played an important role in VNU’s latest Webometrics Ranking, namely top position in Vietnam and 1,132nd globally.

To date, only three Vietnamese higher education institutions, namely VNU, Thai Nguyen University and Hai Phong Private University, have had their institutional digital libraries participating in the past Webometrics Ranking, in which only that of VNU’s was featured in Top 100 global institutional digital libraries. Notably, universities across the globe are very interested in this ranking. Featured with VNU in the Top 100, there are long-standing prestigious universities and academic organizations from developed countries.

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