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VNU International School spreads a positive message during online learning period
"Covid-19 cannot tear us apart" is a music video parody produced by the faculty and students of VNU International School (VNU–IS) with the message "We teach online for you! Please be online for us”.

The Covid-19 pandemic complicated developments are affecting all aspects of life and colleges and universities are no exception. Online learning is thought to be the most optimal solution at this time despite all the difficulty caused by "cloud-based" classes, which are much different from the traditional ones.

Therefore, in addition to the supporting measures to ensure the effectiveness of online learning, the faculty of VNU-IS are always looking for ways to motivate and encourage their students in the most friendly manner. How to remind students to maintain a sense of optimism and wisdom? How to encourage them to study? And there came a creative idea conceived from those concerns!

The MV "Covid-19 cannot tear us apart", a parody inspired by 2 Vietnamese top hits: “Anh đang ở đâu đấy anh?” (Where are you now?) by singer Huong Giang Idol and “Trời giấu trời mang đi” (Hidden by God) by singer Amee, conveys a warm-hearted message from VNU-IS faculty to their students: “We teach online for you! Please be online for us”.

The MV parody "Covid-19 cannot tear us apart" was jointly implemented by VNU-IS teachers and students within just one week. Despite having no proper training in music, the teachers and students with their 200% effort officially debuted their “home-made” hit, which was strongly welcomed by students.

>>> Watch full MV here


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