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How are VNU-IS students “equipped” during the Covid-19 pandemic?
Up to now, the undergraduates and postgraduates of VNU International School (VNU-IS) have been safe learning online from home. The online classes have shown that the students’ learning conditions are various, especially when their families’ economies have been badly-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Being aware of this situation, VNU-IS has promptly worked with its information technology partners and Viettel Telecom and Vinaphone on the provision of special Data packages for the School’s officials, lecturers and students to facilitate online training.

Specifically, the School has successfully provided 492 Viettel and 156 Vinaphone data packages for the students. For those students using other network service providers, they should keep their subscriber numbers and move to Vinaphone or Viettel network service provider to be supported.

In addition to the rapid deployment of these two "huge" packages, the School has equipped its staff, lecturers and students with 889 wireless earphone sets, and 73 webcams for online working and training.

889 wireless earphone sets for equipping the School’s undergraduates and postgraduates with

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Trung Thanh, Dean of VNU-IS, expressed his determination to accompany the students through the epidemic season, affirming that the conditions for effective online learning will always be ensured.

Numerous comments on the students’ personal pages show that the efforts of VNU – IS’s staff and faculty have been really effective. Student Tung Duong, majoring in Accounting, Analysis and Auditing, said, "What could you love if not the School?” Student Tran Hai Yen, majoring in Management affiliated with Keuka University, cheerfully expressed, “My feeling changed from anxiety, excitement and finally to an outburst upon receiving an earphone set from the School. The gift was wrapped so carefully that I didn’t have the heart to unwrap it. I will do my best to study, balance my life while staying away from school, to achieve good results so as not to disappoint my parents and teachers”.

Some posts on social media by VNU–IS students

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