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VNU - IS launches an updated version of virtual classroom
In order to support the 2002-born candidates in seeking information about university and university majors in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, VNU International School (VNU-IS) recently launched a virtual classroom using the latest version of 360-degree virtual reality technology.

Virtual technology, real benefits


After the first launch in 2019, the 360-degree virtual reality “trial university classes” have been upgraded by VNU-IS with a more user-friendly interface.

The "trial university class" is a product of VNU-IS Virtual Tour project using 360-degree virtual reality technology, allowing everyone to experience being a college student through colourful images, audios or videos, providing that they have a stable network connection.

Experience virtual classes HERE.

360-degree virtual reality technology gives users a true experience with multi-sensory support such as sight, hearing or touch: Sitting in classrooms among peers, directly listening to lecturers, immersing yourself in the classroom space, experiencing advanced teaching methods, participating in exciting activities with peers ... What makes VNU-IS Virtual Tour really special is the convenience of the experience. Unlike the traditional open day when you are constrained by time, schedule and limited personal preferences; now you can take trial virtual classes whenever and wherever you are.

Experience virtual classes - Choose your favourite majors

In addition to virtual reality technology, VNU-IS Virtual Tour is completely "real". From lecturers to students and especially, the special teaching and learning methods, they are all brought online from real life without any dramatization. 9 classes representing 10 bachelor's degree programs and the English Preparatory Program, open up a completely new perspective on VNU-IS student life.

As 360° videos are of very large size, the virtual classroom is best experienced on a laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection and a headset.

 Bùi Thị Nhung - VNU Media
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