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ULIS ambassadors officially embark on performing students recruitment tasks in 2019
On March 2nd, 2019, ULIS – VNU organized a orientation session for FLSS 12th grade students with the participation of more than 400 ULIS ambassadors.

Attending the event were President Do Tuan Minh, Vice President Nguyen Xuan Long, Principal of FLSS Nguyen Thanh Van, 2019 Communications and Admission Commitee, head teachers and 12th grade students of FLSS.

At the beginning of the orientation session, Vice Principal of FLSS Nguyen Phu Chien gave a presentation about the tasks and information needed to prepare for the National high school exam to 12th graders.

Following the presentation of Mr. Do Phu Chien was a presentation about ULIS – VNU, presented by 2 ULIS ambassadors Minh Nguyet and Hoang Yen. The presentation was presented in a fresh, humorous style, which brought not only interesting and detailed information about ULIS but also laughter to the 12th graders.

In addition, in honor of 22 students who had won high prizes in the national and VNU levels of excellent student examination, Director of the Academic Affairs Office Ha Le Kim Anh spoke out their names in the presentation of direct recruitment regulations. Accordingly, the above 22 students will be admitted directly to the University if they wish to study at ULIS and have successfully passed the National high school exam.

The orientation session became more exciting as students asked questions about admissions to ULIS teachers and ambassadors to answer questions and learn more information about the National high school exam.

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