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Chances to study in Indonesia
We would like to offer our short program with credit earning called UI CREATES program.

UI CREATES is a 2-week program where students of participating universities can earn 3 credits by taking 1 available subject offered by Universitas Indonesia (UI).

Students will not only study the selected course, but will also learn Indonesian language and culture, go on cultural visits, and join field study program at selected institutions related to the subject.

For your kind information, we will conduct this program on term 5 on this year, which will be held on Aug 4 (Arrival) – Aug 17 (Departure), 2019.

We’d like to invite your students to participate in this UI CREATES program with other students from our partner universities abroad.

Regarding the courses that we are going to open: there are 4 courses and each student can put 2 options minimum based on their priority. Your student’s course confirmation will be needed because this will be “first come first served”.

If the chosen course is already full we will automatically move your students to their second chosen course. Also if the second chosen course is full, we will put your student in the course that is still available. Because 1 course is limited to 25 – 35 students, the courses that we are going to open are:

1. Indonesian Culture (almost full)

2. ASEAN Plus Three

3. Organizational Behavior / To be confirmed (almost full)

4. Sustainable Development (Multidisciplinary Perspective) this course is a main focus of the United Nations Goals.

All of the courses will get also Indonesia Language and Culture Class and Workshop.

For further information, please refer to the official brochure attached in this e-mail. If you have any interest in this offer, please contact me through this email and fill the online form at this link below :

If you need more detail information, we could also discuss it further.

We also provide your students with partial or full scholarships (a partial scholarships will be Program or accommodation fees covered by UI and a full scholarships will be program and accommodation fees are covered by UI). The scholarships are very limited with the In First Come – First Served Basis.

We can offer 2 full scholarships (Program and accommodation fees covered by UI) for ULIS-VNU Students. 

Application Deadline: 12 July 2019

 Quang Huy - VNU Media
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