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Academic Writing Support Services: Citation and Reference
The first session of Academic Writing Support Services (AWSS) was to help students with citation and reference in writing essays.

VJU Academic Writing Support Services (AWSS) is a program designed for VJU students to enhance their capacity of academic language and writing, to aid them to develop ideas in academic writing and to assist them to identify problems in their writing and to make improvement through a collaborative process with the lecturer and tutor.

The main lecturer of AWSS is Dr. JungHyun RYU, lecturer, Master’s Program in Global Leadership (MGL). With her research background and international experiences in international higher education during her graduate studies as well as her research interests lying in the area of regionalization of higher education in East Asia and world - class universities, she helps students the first steps of developing their academic writing through the first session of citation and reference.

During the session, students had chance to read the documents together, found, corrected grammar mistakes and offered advises on how it could be revised. This is the tactical session for the students who are preparing their essays for upcoming thesis defenses. 

About the lecturer:

Dr. Ryu received her Bachelors of Arts degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, a liberal arts college in the U.S. and received her Master’s of Arts in International Relations and Ph.D. in International Studies from Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (GSAPS), Waseda University in Japan. In addition, she also holds a certificate of TESOL for adults.

Dr. Ryu is a practitioner and also a researcher of international higher education. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked for higher education institutes in the U.S. and Korea as an international program development officer.

Utilizing this career background, she chose to conduct research in international higher education during her graduate studies. Her M.A. dissertation focused on the role of international cooperation in higher education through the case of Indian Institute of Technology. Her Ph.D. dissertation titled Conceptualizing Bilateral Relationships in Higher Education in the context of post-colonialism:  Comparative analysis of South Korean relations with the U.S. and Japan, she attempted to to study and compare the bilateral relationships in higher education between Korea-U.S. and Korea-Japan.

Currently, her research interests lie in the area of regionalization of higher education in East Asia and world-class universities.

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