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VNU UET, POSTECH and Samsung Display Vietnam (SDV): Cooperation in training, scientific research and high quality human resources provision
On September 9, 2020 in Hanoi, VNU University of Engineering and Technology, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) and Samsung Display Vietnam (SDV) (under Samsung) signed a memorandum of understanding to effectively exploit the strengths of each party.

The parties are to cooperate in training, scientific research and providing high quality human resources in order to create opportunities for excellent students to receive scholarships to attend advanced training and research programs. Each year, VNU UET will send a group of selected students to Pohang University of Science and Technology to study and carry out research activities. These students are sponsored to study and research from six to twelve months by SDV and they are committed to working for the company for at least 2 years after the training completion. The MOU will become effective from September 1, 2020 to February 29, 2024.

Appreciating the cooperation with Samsung Display Vietnam and Pohang University of Science and Technology, VNU UET Rector Chu Duc Trinh said that, to date, VNU UET and Samsung Display Vietnam had cooperated in training high-quality human resources, scientific research and staff recruitment. In particular, the university has conducted a number of short-term courses for Samsung Display Vietnam's engineers in the fields of Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology.

Expressing his impression with the construction and development model of POSTECH, Prof. Dr. Chu Duc Trinh emphasized that VNU UET and POSTECH were long-term partners in student exchange and science and technology development. POSTECH is a model from which VNU UET learns a lot in its development process. This is the foundation for the two parties to effectively promote various bilateral cooperation activities.

Also at the MOU signing ceremony, Mr. Kim Moo Hwan - POSTECH Rector, highly appreciated the capacity of VNU UET students in particular and Vietnamese students in general and stated that POSTECH would create favourable conditions for the development of high quality human resources in the future.

Mr. Weonwoo Choi, Director-General of Samsung Display Vietnam, believes that this MOU is the premise for the parties to implement more in-depth, practical and effective cooperation activities in various fields.

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