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Franconomics 2020: From start-up to smart-up

The International Forum Franconomics 2020 with the topic "From start-up to smart-up" was co-organized by IFI, VNU, OIF and MOFA on October 22 at Sunwah Hall, VNU, 144 Xuân Thủy, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi. Franconomics 2020 has gathered the participation of many international guests who are ambassadors, representatives of international organizations, experts, universities, domestic and foreign enterprises to directly participate, and more than 50 representatives of international organizations- inside and outside of Francophone Community, foreign universities and businesses participate online from more than 20 countries and territories around the world.

In the opening ceremony, Mr. Ngô Tự Lập, Director of IFI, VNU said “The profound changes caused by the industrial revolution 4.0 as well as the Covid-19 pandemic have opened up great development opportunities, while also posing new challenges for governments and businesses. business, organizations and individuals. The OIF, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam and IFI have decided to co-organize Franconomics-2020 to achieve the goal of building a smart economy, a smart society for a bright future of all peoples, and is also to promote the value of knowledge, of cultural diversity and cooperation among universities, businesses and policymakers of countries inside and outside the Francophone Community "

After the opening session, the overall session of the forum took place with the presentations from speakers from USA, Morocco, Ethiopia and Vietnam in the both live and online forms.

After the plenary session, the participants participated in 5 thematic discussion spaces related to 21 challenges of smart startups in the 4.0 era, including South-South and North-South cooperation in the 4.0 era; Smart start-up in the 4.0 era; Challenges of smart startups; Smart startups in key areas; and the Francophonie Cooperation and major Asian economies.

Space 1 "South-South and North-South Cooperation in the 4.0 era" led by Mr. Mohammed H'Midouch - CEO of Inter Africa Capital Group (Morocco) and Mr. Ho Tuong Vinh - Vice Chairman of Science Council - Training by IFI co-chaired with the participation of speakers from Lebanon, Central African Republic, Vietnam and some other countries.

Space 2: “Smart start-up in the 4.0 era” led by Mr. Nguyen Hong Quang, Chairman of Vietnam Open Source Club (VFOSSA) with the participation of speakers from France, Senegal, Vietnam and other countries.

Space 5: "Francophonie cooperation and major economies in Asia" co-hosted by Mr. Trịnh Văn Minh - Senior Lecturer of University of Education - VNU and Mr. Jacques Morisset - Chief Economist of the World Bank in Vietnam. The forum attracted speakers and attendees from many countries around the world including Benin, France, Vietnam and some other countries.

 Nguyễn Mạnh Quân - VNU - IFI
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