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VNU University of Medicine and Pharmacy and its mission to become a major human resources training institution of Vietnam’s healthcare sector
On November 18, 2020, VNU solemnly held a ceremony to announce the Prime Minister's Decision on the establishment of VNU University of Medicine and Pharmacy (VNU UMP) – VNU’s 8th member university upgraded from VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam attended and addressed the event.

On October 27, 2020, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 166 /QD-TTg on the establishment of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy as a member university of VNU. This is a particularly important event, contributing to the completing of the multi-disciplinary university model of VNU, consistent with the health sciences training model of many advanced higher education institutions in the world.

VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy, the predecessor of VNU UMP, was established under VNU President’s Decision No. 1507/QD-TCCB dated May 20, 2010 on the basis of inheriting the tradition and continuing the development history of VNU’s forerunner - the University of Indochina with Indochina Medical School as its member.

Over the 10 years since its establishment, the School of Medicine and Pharmacy - now the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, has always followed the education philosophy of "Medical ethics - Wisdom - Integration".

Addressing the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that the establishment of VNU UMP was a memorable milestone not only for VNU, but also for the health sector.

“At any time, caring for the people’s health is an undertaking of utmost importance. Thanks to our great efforts, the efficiency of people’s health care and doctors’ proficiency are much better than in other countries with the same level of economic development. We still need a lot more doctors and caregivers. Although Vietnam is really in need of more medicine and pharmacy training facilities, the number of medical and pharmaceutical higher education institutions is extremely small. Thus, VNU UMP’s mission is to become a prestigious university, one of the major human resource training institutions of the Vietnamese health sector”.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam suggested that VNU UMP, as a VNU’s member university, should pay attention to the "national responsibility". "Vietnam has only two national universities – 2 higher education institutions with their seals having the symbol of the national emblem", Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

Since its establishment, VNU has had the mission of being the "top" centre of scientific research and training in Vietnam. As a VNU member, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy has to contribute to the implementation of that mission. In addition, VNU UMP should pay attention to research in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences. The University has a duty to train good scientists, good doctors and good caregivers.

VNU UMP also needs to focus on building mechanisms to attract good physicians to participate in teaching, and at the same time establish a network of leading hospitals as its long-term strategic partners.

At the ceremony, VNU President Nguyen Kim Son shared that the establishment of VNU UMP was a great joy not only for the university itself but also for VNU. This is both an opportunity and a great challenge because education and health are two areas that have a daily impact on social life and are of the society’s particular concern.

In order to fulfill its mission and responsibility, VNU President suggested that VNU UMP should do the following tasks well:

Firstly, quickly complete the organizational structure, consolidate its personnel, especially leadership, key personnel, scientific human resources. Continue to focus on attracting and developing high-quality human resources to ensure sustainable school development, at the same time apply and effectively operate the advanced university governance model, an autonomous and smart university under the general orientation of VNU. Take advantage of this transition to implement the university’s digital transformation and modernization.

Second, persistently pursue the goal of high-quality training, ensuring the best output quality for all training programs and levels. Swiftly consolidate the quality assurance conditions to ensure both good basic training with good theoretical background and good clinical practice.

Third, develop the university into an advanced research university, towards medical and pharmaceutical research products that can be commercially transferred based on promoting its own specific advantages and those of VNU.

Fourth, strengthen both inside and outside VNU connections. Effectively coordinate with other VNU’s units, while strengthening cooperation with the units in the health care and education sectors. Promote international cooperation and cooperation with ministries, departments and localities.

Fifth, strengthen facilities, buildings, laboratory systems and practice facilities. Along with that, focus on implementing the planning and preparing to build a modern campus of the University in Hoa Lac, etc.

Speaking at the ceremony, VNU UMP Rector Le Ngoc Thanh said that the establishment of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy under VNU – a multidisciplinary higher education institution, is consistent with the general trend of advanced multidisciplinary universities in the world and promotes the medical and pharmaceutical training tradition of Indochina University - VNU’s forerunner.

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