CÁC BÀI BÁO KHOA HỌC 19:56:29 Ngày 02/12/2020 GMT+7
Spontaneous magnetostriction of RCo4B (R=Y and Ce)

The spontaneous linear magnetostriction at T=0 K in YCo4B is positive along the a axis (λa=1.1×10-3) and negative along the c axis (λc=-2.1×10-3), although the volume magnetostriction below Tc is negligibly small and below the resolution of the x-ray measurement. In CeCo4B, however, both λa and λc are smaller and below about 130 K, a negative volume magnetostriction of the order of 10-3 is observed. An anomalous increase of the resistivity is also found at the same temperature range. This anomalous behavior is assumed to be related with the Ce magnetism in CeCo4B.

 Lindbaum A., Hong N.M., Muller H., Gratz E., Thuy N.P., Hien T.D.
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