CÁC BÀI BÁO KHOA HỌC 22:24:04 Ngày 28/10/2020 GMT+7
The magnetic behaviour of rare-earth-transition metal compounds

The basic exchange interactions will be discussed for a variety of (R, T) compounds, in particular RT2 (R: rare earth, or Y; T: transition metal). A magnetic phase diagram for (R, Y)Co2 compounds is derived. The combined effect of the volume and the molecular field caused by the rare-earth spins is demonstrated on R(Co, Fe)2, (R, Y)Co2, R(Co, Al)2 and R(Co, Cu)2, with an emphasis on the metamagnetic transition in the 3d-subsystem. © 1992.

 Duc N.H., Hien T.D., Brommer P.E., Franse J.J.M.
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  Từ khóa : Magnetic Materials--Metamagnetism; Molecules; Transition Metals; Exchange Interactions; Rare Earth Compounds