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Elucidation of mechanism of aminoreductone formation in the Maillard reaction of lactose

The aim of this study was to elucidate the formation mechanism of aminoreductone, an important indicator for estimating the extent of Maillard reaction of lactose and amino compounds. Using the model system of lactose and butylamine, the model solution of lactose and milk proteins, and milks, it was concluded that d-galactose was liberated at the same time as the generation of aminoreductone. It was shown that the extent of the Maillard reaction and the lactose degradation during heating depended closely on the concentration ratio of amino group/lactose in the sample solution. © 2011 Society of Dairy Technology.

 Trang V.T., Shimamura T., Kashiwagi T., Ukeda H., Katsuno S.
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