CÁC BÀI BÁO KHOA HỌC 21:39:38 Ngày 28/10/2020 GMT+7
Effects of iron substitution on the magnetic anisotropy of YCo4B

The effects of iron substitution on the magnetization, the magnetic anisotropy, the spin-reorientation temperature, and the Curie temperature of Y(Co1-xFex)4B have been studied on the cobalt-rich side for x values below 0.4. Temperature-induced spin-reorientation phenomena may be observed in compounds with x values below 0.02 by inspecting the low-field magnetization curves of bulk polycrystalline samples and by observing the change in the easy direction in field-oriented powdered samples. The spin-reorientation temperature shifts from 145 K for YCo4B to higher values with increasing x and the phenomenon disappears for values larger than 0.03. By analyzing the magnetization curves of field-oriented powder samples, the magnetic anisotropy has been evaluated. The value for the first anisotropy constant K1 at 4.2 K decreases in a nonlinear way with increasing x values and reaches a minimum around x=0.3.

 Dung T.T., Thuy N.P., Hong N.M., Hien T.D., Franse J.J.M.
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