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Magnetic and anisotropy properties of the Y2Fe17-xMnx and Er2Fe17-xMnx compounds

The effects of Mn-substitutions in the Y2Fe17 and Er2Fe17 compounds have been studied by magnetization measurements. The magnetic moment and the magnetic anisotropy of the 3d sublattice are found to reduce upon increasing the Mn-concentration. The magnetization reorientation processes that exist in the Er2Fe14Mn3 and Er2Fe13Mn4 compounds are, therefore, a consequence of competing contributions of the planar anisotropy of the 3d sublattice and the axial one of the erbium partner. © 1988.

 Hong N.M., Thuy N.P., Franse J.J.M.
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  Từ khóa : Magnetization; Manganese and Alloys; Rare Earth Compounds; Yttrium Compounds; Curie Temperature; Magnetic Anisotropy; Magnetic Moments; Intermetallics