CÁC BÀI BÁO KHOA HỌC 22:23:26 Ngày 28/10/2020 GMT+7
Spin reorientation in Er2Fe17-xMnx - Mössbauer effect study

The polycrystalline samples of Er2Fe17-xMnx compounds have been studied by57Fe Mossbauer spectroscopy in the temperature range between 4.2K and 200K. A reorientation of the easy axis of magnetization has been evidenced for compound with x=4 in the measurements on magnetically oriented powdered sample. Spin reorientation from the c-axis to the basal plane is observed when temperature is increased above 105K. © 1988 J.C. Baltzer AG, Scientific Publishing Company.

 Thuy N.P., Zukrowski J., Figiel H., Przewoznik J., Krop K.
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