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Notes on the Aphelocheiridae (heteroptera) from Indochina, with redescriptions of Aphelocheirus inops and A. gularis and the description of a new species from Vietnam

Males and females Aphelocheirus (s.str.) inops HORVÁTH, 1918 and A. (s.str.) gularis HORVÁTH, 1918 are described and illustrated, mainly from the type material in the Hungarian Natural History Museum. A lectotype was selected from the syntype series of Aphelocheirus inops HORVÁTH, 1918, which consists of eleven specimens belonging to four species. Aphelocheirus (s.str.) tuberculipes sp. n. from Cao Bang Province in northern Vietnam is described and compared with the closely related A. (s.str.) femoratus POLHEMUS et POLHEMUS, 1989 from West Malaysia and Thailand. New records from Vietnam are presented of Aphelocheirus gularis, A. inops, and A. (s.str.) similaris POLHEMUS et POLHEMUS, 1989.

 Zettel H., Tran A.D.
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  Từ khóa : Aphelocheiridae; Aphelocheirus; Heteroptera; Inopus