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Vietnam's coastal communities: An assessment of poverty

A Vietnamese geographer examines factors leading to the persistence of poverty in the coastal regions of Vietnam, against the backdrop of the country's overall recent success in poverty amelioration. After reviewing the spatial pattern of poverty for Vietnam as a whole, based on current government statistics, the author contrasts the situation in the country's interior relative to coastal locations, based on a detailed survey of over 200 households in Khanhhoa Province, located in south-central Vietnam. The changing labor market conditions in East Asia are discussed briefly in light of continued poverty reduction in the country. Copyright © 2007 by Bellwether Publishing, Ltd. All rights reserved.

 Nhung T.T.H.
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  Từ khóa : economic development; labor market; marine resource; poverty; poverty alleviation; World Bank; Asia; Eurasia; Far East; Southeast Asia; Viet Nam