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Cochinchistemonine, a novel skeleton alkaloid from Stemona cochinchinensis

Cochinchistemonine (1), an alkaloid with a novel skeleton, was isolated from the roots of Stemona cochinchinensis collected from northern Vietnam. Its structure was established on the basis of one- and two-dimensional NMR and other spectroscopic studies. The relative configuration was confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction experiment. © 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

 Lin L.-G., Tang C.-P., Dien P.-H., Xu R.-S., Ye Y.
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  Từ khóa : alkaloid derivative; cochinchistemonine; unclassified drug; article; chemical reaction; drug isolation; drug structure; nonhuman; nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; plant root; Stemona cochinchinensis; Stemonaceae; Viet Nam; X ray diffraction; Stemona; Stemonaceae