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Green functions of the spectral ball and symmetrized polydisk

The Green function of the spectral ball is constant over the isospectral varieties, is never less than the pullback of its counterpart on the symmetrized polydisk, and is equal to it in the generic case where the pole is a cyclic (non-derogatory) matrix. When the pole matrix is derogatory, the inequality is always strict, and the difference between the two functions depends on the multiplicity of the eigenvalues as roots of the minimal polynomial of that matrix. In particular, the Green function of the spectral ball is not symmetric in its arguments. Additionally, some estimates are given for invariant functions in the symmetrized polydisc, e.g. (infinitesimal versions of) the Carathéodory distance and the Green function, that show that they are distinct in dimension greater or equal to 3. © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

 Thomas P.J., Trao N.V., Zwonek W.
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