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Theoretical Aspects of Computing - ICTAC 2005 - Second International Colloquium, Proceedings

The proceedings contain 40 papers. The topics discussed include: a rewriting logic sampler; languages and process calculi for network programming - a short summary; component-based software engineering; solving first order formulae of pseudo-regular theory; splicing array grammar system; compositionality of fixpoint logic with chop; an SLD-resolution calculus for basic serial multimodal logics; on the stability semantics of combinational programs; finding resource bounds in the presence of explicit deallocation; a robust interpretation of duration calculus; symbolic model checking of finite precision timed automata; linking theories of concurrency; and on cool congruence formats for weak bisimulations.

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  Từ khóa : Computer programming; Computer software; Finite automata; Formal logic; Mathematical models; Problem solving; Colloquium; Logic sampler; Network programming; Resolution calculas; Computer networks