CÁC BÀI BÁO KHOA HỌC 02:32:25 Ngày 23/10/2019 GMT+7
Multimode higher-order antibunching and squeezing in trio coherent states

We study the multimode higher-order nonclassical effects of novel trio coherent states. We show that such states exhibit antibunching to all orders in the single-mode case. However, the two-mode higher-order antibunching may or may not exist depending on the parameters. We also show that in such states squeezing is fully absent in both single-mode and two-mode situations. As for the three-mode case, the so-called sum-squeezing is impossible but another kind of squeezing may arise for the orders K that are a multiple of three. The degree of the lowest allowable K = 3 order squeezing can reach a remarkable amount of 18%. Of interest is the following property: when the order grows, the degree of antibunching increases but that of squeezing decreases.

 An N.B.
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  Từ khóa : Calculations; Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions; Elementary particles; Nonlinear optics; Numerical methods; Boson; Multimode higher order antibunching; Sum squeezing; Trio coherent state; Quantum optics