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Marketization of higher education in vietnam in the era of Neoliberal globalization: The institutional practice at Vietnam National University, Hanoi

The impact of globalization on higher education in developed nations has been well documented by scholars over the past 20 years (Slaughter & Leslie, 1997; Slaughter & Rhoades, 2004; Marginson & Considine, 2007). This study examines the impact of globalization on higher education in a developing nation-Vietnam. It provides valuable insight to the history of education in Vietnam and extends the current critique of the marketization and neo-liberal agendas to the context of higher education in developing nations. The paper begins with a historical description of the changes that have occurred in higher education over the past 20 years in Vietnam. Then, using a reflective analysis framework, the researchers draw on institutional documents from the Vietnam National University-Hanoi and key informant interviews to critically assess national policies and institutional practices. The interviews and documents illustrat the ways in which the post-secondary institution, and thereby sector, was pivotal national reconstruction and economic revitalization strategies. Findings suggest that neo-liberal marketization forces were at work, even within a Marxist political structure. Future studies might examine these forces across the full range of postsecondary institutions in Vietnam to determine if there have been similar changes in practices. Finally, an international comparative examination might provide useful evidence of lesson drawing (Rose, 1993) across developing nations or isomorphism across institutions. © Common Ground, Hien Nguyen, Michelle Nilson, Allan MacKinnon.

 Nguyen H., Nilson M., MacKinnon A.
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