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The effects of a traditional drug, turmeric (Curcuma longa), and placebo on the healing of duodenal ulcer

In a joint Vietnam-Sweden prospective double-blind two-center study, the herbal remedy of Curcuma longa (turmeric) - in a dosage of 6 g daily as suggested in the Vietnamese pharmacopoeia - was compared with an equal amount of placebo in 118 patients, suffering from duodenal ulcer. The patients in the two groups were well matched prior to treatment. Clinical assessments were carried out weekly, while laboratory investigations were carried out before beginning of the treatment and after four and eight weeks: Only patients, having one duodenal ulcer with a minimum diameter of 5 mm verified by endoscopy (Uong Bi General Hospital, UBGH) and/or radiography (UBGH and Viet Duc University Hospital, VDUH) not more than 4 days prior the study were included in the study. No treatment with H2-receptor antagonists, anticholinergics or other drugs used in the treatment of ulcer disease during the preceding week were allowed. Follow-up endoscopy and/or radiography were performed after 28 ± 4 days and 56 ± 4 days. Turmeric was not superior to placebo in healing duodenal ulcer either after four or eight weeks of treatment. After eight weeks the ulcer-healing rate of turmeric was 27% while placebo had healed 29%. Both drugs were well tolerated.

 Van Dau N., Ngoc Ham N., Huy Khac D., Thi Lam N., Tong Son P., Thi Tan N., Duc Van D., Dahlgren S., Grabe M., Johansson R., Lindgren G., Stjernstrom N.
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