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University of Languages & International Studies (VNU-ULIS)

Foundation date

VNU University of Language and International Studies was established in 1955.

Mission statement

ULIS is a prestigious university in languages, linguistics, international studies and related social sciences and humanities in Vietnam. Its mission is to contribute to Vietnam’s national development through the pursuit of excellence in education, research, and the provision of quality services relevant to the needs of society. We particularly value creativity, passion for learning, honesty, responsibility and the ability to adapt to an increasingly competitive and multi cultural world. 

International cooperation

VNU ULIS has always pursued a policy of bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation with educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Committed to its strategy for enhancement of its excellence in training and research, VNU ULIS has been forward-looking and pro-active in interactions with the world’s higher education community. Academic links, which have been established between VNU ULIS and fifty-five institutions all over the world, have increased the exposure of the College’s faculty and students to state-of-the-art developments in language education and language teacher education. Through international co-operation and partnership, the University has enjoyed valuable support and assistance from its partner institutions for staff and resource development.

Forms of cooperation might include: exchange of academic information and materials, staff and student exchange, development of joint research programs and projects, co-organization of conferences, workshops, seminars and training courses, partnership in developing and delivering new courses or customized training programs. Currently, there are nearly 200 foreign students studying at VNU ULIS.

High priorities are given to the joint development and delivery of degree programs in such areas as Business Administration, Educational Leadership, Hospitality Industry, Applied Linguistics with English and other languages being the medium of instruction. The University welcomes international partners who are keen on those programs.

Academic programs

Undergraduate programs

English, Russian, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean Arabic.

Fast-track programs

• Teacher Education in English, Russian, French, Chinese

• Translation and Interpreting in English

Joint Degree and Cooperative programs

• VNU ULIS has partnered with VNU University of Economics and Business (VNU UEB) to offer double-degree programs, under which arrangements students will receive two separate degrees: the degree of Bachelor in English and the degrees of Bachelor in International Business, Finance and Banking, or Business Administration.

• VNU ULIS has also worked with the School of Law and VNU University of Social Science and Humanities to offer double degrees in law, or tourism, per the students’ choosing.

• Double-major courses are provided via a partnership between VNU ULIS and VNU UEB.

Partnership Programs with Foreign Universities and Colleges

With Chinese Universities, French Universities, United States Universities and Colleges

Other International Partnership programs

• VNU ULIS offers courses in English and Vietnamese to students from China, Russia, Korea, Laos, etc.• VNU ULIS currently runs a number of joint partnership and student exchange programs with Japanese universities. Japan Foundation, a part of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is very active in promoting exchange programs, especially with ULIS. It annually offers VNU ULIS lecturers and students field trips, as well as short training courses in Japan.

• The University has also worked very closely with South Korean universities and KOICA, Korea Foundation on staff and student exchange programs.

Graduate programs

The University offers Master’s degrees in:

• English, Russian, French, Chinese, German, Japanese linguistics

• Theory and Methodology in Teaching English, Russian, French, Chinese Doctoral degrees are awarded in six disciplines:

• English, Russian, French, Chinese linguistics

• Theory and Methodology in Teaching English, Russian, Chinese, French

Articulation of programs

Partnership with the University of Southern New Hampshire (USA), Waikato University (New Zealand)

Continuing education

• Bachelor degrees in: Foreign Languages or Foreign Language Teacher Education in English and Japanese, Foreign Language Teacher Education for the post-junior college level, second foreign languages with two disciplines: English and Chinese.

• Refresher courses in which participants are awarded degrees after the courses to acknowledge they have been trained to the standards and requirement of university level.

Upper Secondary education

(The Foreign Language Gifted High School)

As an affiliate of VNU ULIS, the Foreign Language Specializing School (FLSS) enrolls and prepares students who have an aptitude for languages.

Currently, FLSS teaches six specialized foreign languages including English, Russian, French, Chinese, German and Japanese.

Academic faculties, divisions and school

- Faculty of English language Teacher education

- Faculty of English

- Faculty of Linguistics and Cultures of English-speaking countries

- Faculty of Russian linguistics and Culture

- Faculty of French linguistics and Culture

- Faculty of Chinese linguistics and Culture

- Faculty of Occidental linguistics and Culture

- Faculty of Oriental linguistics and Culture

- Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate studies

- Faculty of Continuing education

- Faculty of Korean linguistics and Culture

- Division of Educational Psychology

- Division of Vietnamese linguistics and Culture

- Division of Educational Psychology

- Foreign language Specializing school


- Center for Foreign language Pedagogy studies and Quality control

- Center for Information technology

- Center for Distant learning and Teacher’s quality improving

- Center for International education

Contact address:


Phạm Văn Đồng, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi

Tel: (84.4) 37547269

Fax: (84.4) 37548057


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