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Univeristy of Medicine & Pharmacy (VNU-UMP)

Foundation date
VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy was established in 2010.
Mission Statement
VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy has the mission of giving higher education, postgraduate education, providing highly qualified human resources in medicine and pharmacy fields; conducting scientific and technological research, supporting training, establishing high quality health care service and community health care, of which include international qualified parts.
Academic Programs
• Graduate training programs: Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacy
• Post graduate training programs: Resident physician, resident pharmacist, specialist I, specialist II, master and PhD.
VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy has two faculties:
• Faculty of Medicine
• Faculty of Pharmacy
VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy includes both fundamental and specialized medicine – pharmacy departments.
Research centers and laboratories
VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy has quality and specialized medicine - pharmacy laboratories, equipped with modern devices attend to medicinal - pharmaceutical training of high quality.
Scientific research and application
VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy operates as a research - based university focusing on building up model combined training, researching with basic sciences. The direction of VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy’s researches focus on the contemporary issues of the University’s society, in order to work out
strategic policies and solutions for the development of health sciences. Some main directions of scientific researches are: Climate change and disease model of the community in the Mekong Delta Area; Epidemiological of parasitic diseases in community in flooded areas; The change of disease model in Vietnam in the recent years; Screening the substances which have biological activities from the natural materials available in Vietnam; Studies about targeted drug delivery systems to brain and tumours; Pharmacogenomic properties of Vietnamese people with some specific drugs.... Beside that, VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy also carries out researches about the application of high technologies into medicine and pharmacy such as: genetic and cell engineering, diagnosis by imaging technologies, lasers technology and nanotechnology for health care.
Training, research and international collaboration
VNU School of Medicine and Pharmacy has been associating with many major universities around the world that are well-known for their health science training programs; namely: University of Geneva (Switzerland), University of Rennes 1 (France), The University of Iowa (USA), University of Michigan (USA), Indiana University (USA), Mahidol University (Thailand)...
Main cooperative exchange aspects include academic profession, staff and students, researchers, workshops and programs on improving teaching quality, expanding information system and developing materials for various uses.
Contact address: VNU School Of Medicine and Pharmacy, 144 Xuân Thủy, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi
Tell: (84.4)85876452; Email:, ; Website:

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