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Vietnam - Japan University (VNU-VJU)

Vietnam - Japan University, headquartered in Hanoi, is a public higher education institution, under Vietnam National University, Hanoi, with legal status, separate seal and accounts.

Vietnam - Japan University is operated under the University Charter; Decision No. 64/2013/QD-TTg of November 11 of the Prime Minister, 2013, stopulating the conditions and procedures for establishment or permission for establishment or training, suspension from training, and merger, separation, split-up and dissolution of universities and academies; the Regulation on organization and operation of VNU and the Regulations on organization and activities of the University issued by the Prime Minister.

According to Decision 1186 / QD-TTg, VNU has the responsibility to inspect the conditions that guarantee the quality before allowing to open academic programs and tertiary enrollment.Vietnam - Japan University is the 7th member university of VNU. Vietnam - Japan University is built in the model of excellent university based on the basis of basic science and high-tech in the close inter-linkage with higher education institutions of Vietnam and Japan. The university is to train the undergraduate, master and doctoral levels with a total training scale of approximately 6,000 students.

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