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VNU Institute of Vietnamese Studies & Development Science

Foundation date
VNU Institute of Vietnamese Studies and Development Science was established in 2004 on the basis of reorganizing the former Center for Vietnamese and Intercultural Studies.
Mission Statement
• To organize research about Vietnam using multi-disciplinary approaches. Establish systematic theories about development sciences and use research results for sustainable development in socio-cultural spheres in Vietnam;
• To organize research to supply data and information for the preparation of policy and development strategies and master plans for management of line agencies at different levels of government;
• To organize post-graduate education (masters and doctorate) in Vietnamese Studies and Development Sciences according to international standards, and provision of high quality human resources for universities, research and training organizations that prepare policy and management across the country.
Departments and centers
• Department of Vietnamese Studies
• Department of Development Science
• Department of Specialized Research Materials
• Center for the Organization of Short-term Programs on Vietnamese Studies and Vietnamese Language Training for Foreigners.
Research Activities
Fundamental Research
• The Institute has carried out research activities in the following areas: Vietnam as a specific study area, and applied inter-disciplinary research methods with the purpose of improving general awareness about socio-cultural spheres in Vietnam. Development Science research has been conducted with the objective to prepare data and information for use in development programs and projects in Vietnam.
Strategy and Policy Research
• The Institute coordinated with international scholars, scholars within VNU and other scholars in the country to implement research programs in order to supply evidence for socio-economic development and cultural and educational activities.
Training Activities
• Master program in Vietnamese Studies for Vietnamese and foreign students.
• Short-term training programs for Vietnamese Studies including history, culture, linguistics, economics, Vietnamese society and Vietnamese language for foreign students.
International Relations
VNU Institute of Vietnamese Studies and Development Science has developed international relations with many universities, training organizations and research centers concerning Vietnamese Studies. Countries include Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, China, the USA and France. The Institute has established international discussion networks and organized international conferences. Each year, about 100 scholars and foreign research students directly participate in the Institute’s research and study programs.
Contact address:
VNU Institute of Vietnamese Studies and Development Science
336 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi
Phone/Fax: (84.4) 35589073

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