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About VNU Student Affair

VNU’s Department of Student Affairs works towards the educating of all-rounded students as well as the providing appropriate support to help students perfect their personality and life skills so as to produce high quality human resources for the meeting of increasing demands of the society. In the academic year 2013-2014 alone, VNU’s students won 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 2 bronze medals of various academic fields,etc at International Olympiads.   

VNU has set up a number of functional centers such as Center for Student Services, Center for Human Resource Forecast and Development, Center for Development, Center for Information - Library, Center for Physical Education and Sports, etc to  support students’ learning and research activities, promoting extracurricular activities to nurture and develop students’ social skills.

Hồ Chí Minh Communist Youth Union and Student Association have also organized various activities to encourage students’ learning and scientific research activities. Currently, VNU has 37 student clubs, including 26 academic clubs such as Young Scientist Club, Chinese Club, Chemistry Club, Speakers Club, Press Club, Table Tennis Club, etc. Informatics and Foreign Language Olympiads and job fairs are regularly held with the participation of large numbers of students.

The number of scholarships from organizations and individuals in and outside the country has been increasing over the past years. Every year, different scholarships are granted to about 500 students. International student exchange is also an advantage of VNU. In 2014 alone, nearly 200 VNU students participated in international student exchange programs; the following were some significant programs of those: Asian Students Environment Platform (ASEP 2014)  in China, the Third ASEAN Student Leader Forum (ASLF 2014) in Brunei, the “UNIVISION” Second International Student Song Contest in Azerbaijan, the 12thASEAN and 2nd ASEAN+3 Youth Cultural Forum in Indonesia, 2 Student Exchange Courses under  the theme "Social Communities" in Japan, Academic exchange programs in the Republic of East Timor, etc. VNU itself has also drawn a large number of international students to its exchange programs and academic studies at all the levels of training. On average, each year, VNU has about 800 foreign students.

Promoting the advantage of a multidisciplinary and multisector university, VNU has built massive and strong student movements in the member universities and schools, both well designed and organized student activities.


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